First of all i want to thank everyone that is part of this community,

Special thanks to: @Flicka for helping me starting this community / network, the amount of work she puts in is


@ss23pwnd for testing most bugs / software related issues / in game the get the first bugs out,

and of course make our awesome logo.

@Lecivic our co-owner just for being here and supporting CN coming up with ideas that will improve our service.

and of course his live stream that gave me enough data to in improve the network as it is now. give that man a follow https://www.twitch.tv/lecivic

there are a lot of server out there,

that say they care about the community but they don't,

and slowly dies that happens over and over again we at CN wanna be different

put you as a player at the first place together we can make this journey great for everyone.

Change log:

- The chance of getting lucky voting rewards was to low

i increase the chance you get lucky rewards to 15% [3x Soul Stones 3x Diamonds 30 Cubits 15 Claim Blocks] that

will pop up more often in game now.

- Implemented a low chance to level up your Cubie rank for voting.

- Rewards will be added in queue for offline voting, next time you join they will be added to your account.

- Implemented a mining world where its 24/7 day with no hostile mobs [/spawn left portal or /warp mining]

- Phantoms we all h8 the damn things, -10% spawn chance

- Implemented feature that improve server sleeping 35% of the online people need to go to bed to make it

instant day afk people will not be included.

- We enable warps to easily travel around /warps for a list of warps your rank allowed to have access to.

- Survival hub: players have no fall damage and you don't lose any hunger.

Coming in the near future:

- More ways to spend Cubits and gain Cubits

- Different rewards for voting

- unieke quest system to gain rewards and level up your cubie rank, (more info about cubie rank will follow)

- donation store / Ranks - 2 more server will be added