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New patch

General change log:

❖ Our new trial mod: MC: ViinaToxic DC: Toxic, welcome to our team :)

❖ General Plugin update.

Change log:Elysium

❖ Patch from 226->236

❖ Fix Updated Upstream

❖ Fix ArmorStand

❖ Fix stuck in sneak when changing worlds

❖ Quast system has been released lot of time went intro it (it's not fully done.)

Report any bugs so i can fix it asap, hope you guys enjoy it it will get harder by every tier you go up hope you like a challenge. PS:use the mining world for some of them challenges so we don't destroy the overworld :) Command: to open the GUI /cp

Change log:Hub

❖ Patch from 199->236

❖ Updated Upstream

❖ Fix ArmorStand

❖ Fix stuck in sneak when changing worlds

Change log:Proxy

❖ Patch from 296->305

❖ Updated Upstream (From Proxy)


New patch

General change log:

Released the brand new website / (still under development)

Chat messages have been changed to suit the theme of the server.

4 Ranks have been added to the store (2 more ranks coming and more in game stuff)

Change log:Elysium

Patch from 199->226

Fixed an issue with starter kit.

Daily auto restart has been fixed /autorestart (to see the time when it will restart)

Getting ready for next update (sneak peek) rain into a few problems i’m so sorry for the delay want it perfect for the players.(will release it asap)

Change log:Hub

Improve player connection from proxy and any server connected to that.


Little sneak peek for next update.


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